General Session Videos

General Session Videos

Wm. Paul Young

Wm. Paul Young · Friday PM (General Session 1)

Paul is the author of The ShackEveCross Roads, and Lies We Believe About God. He was born in Canada and raised among a stone-age tribe by his missionary parents in the highlands of what was Netherlands New Guinea (now West Papua). He suffered great loss as a child and young adult, and the inner healing and changing perspectives about God that he experienced recovering from those earlier losses became the source from which his novel, The Shack, grew. 

Paul spoke at our Forgotten Gospel Conference back in 2016 and we were thrilled to have him back for the Gospel of Relentless Love Conference this year. Perhaps more than anyone in recent years, Paul has been used by God to help unbelievers and tired believers, burned out on church, hope that God is much better than what we’ve been told or ever imagined.

Rev. Kalen Fristad

Rev. Kalen Fristad · Saturday AM (General Session 2)

Kalen Fristad is a United Methodist minister from Iowa and author of the book Destined for Salvation: God’s Promise to Save Everyone. After serving churches in Iowa for 27 years, Kalen began an independent ministry through which he traveled the country full time with his wife Darlene, from 2003 to 2006, accepting invitations to speak at churches, countering the teaching that many people will suffer for eternity in hell and proclaiming instead the hopeful message of Christian Universalism. In 2007, Kalen co-founded the Christian Universalist Association and began dividing his time between serving churches in Iowa and speaking on the road. Kalen retired from the parish ministry in 2013 but continues to travel the country speaking on universalism. He has spoken at a total of more than 350 churches of a variety of denominations during his 40+ years in ministry.

Dr. David Bentley Hart

Dr. David Bentley Hart · Saturday AM (General Session 2)

Dr. Hart has authored numerous books, articles and recently a translation of the New Testament. He has taught at the Univ. of Virginia, the Univ. of St. Thomas, Duke Divinity School, Loyola College, Providence College, St. Louis University and the Univ. of Notre Dame, where he was appointed Templeton Fellow (2015-2016) and Director’s Fellow (2016-2017). His first major work, The Beauty of the Infinite, was published in 2003. His most recent work, That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation, will be published one week before our conference. Dr. Hart is a Patristic Scholar and Philosophical Theologian, who is particularly fond of Gregory of Nyssa. He is unable to attend our conference due to the elevation but was pleased to agree to a video interview prior to our conference. Peter Hiett and Michael Hanna will be excited to share that interview with all of us and suggest that we all review our vocabulary words before they do. Dr. Hart is brilliant, insightful and a workout for the brain!

Dr. Steve McVey

Dr. Steve McVey · Saturday PM (General Session 3)

Dr. Steve McVey is a man who enjoys his wife, four children, five grandchildren, many styles of music, movies, theology, quantum mechanics and other diverse interests. He isn’t religious, but is a spiritual man. He is both a student and a teacher. He has spoken on six continents, taught nationwide on television and radio, and has written seventeen books, one of them a best-seller. His books and teaching are a travelogue of his own personal growth through life and are filled with spiritual truth, practical application, humor, and affirmation that will encourage and strengthen you in your own journey towards spiritual development and personal enrichment. His greatest passion is to live and teach what it means to experience the Life we’ve been created to know and enjoy.

George W. Sarris

George W. Sarris · Sunday AM (General Session 4)

George W. Sarris is a popular author, speaker, and performer. He is a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and has served on the staffs of three missionary organizations. He is the narrator of The Holy Bible, New International Version featured on, and the creator of an award-winning series of CD’s that bring the Bible to life. His book, Heaven’s Doors … Wider Than You Ever Believed!, was awarded the Silver Medal in Theology in the 2018 Illumination Awards for exemplary Christian books.

George W. Sarris on YouTube

Andre Rabe

Andre Rabe · Sunday AM (General Session 4)

Andre Rabe is a writer, public speaker, philosopher, and radical theologian. Together with his wife, Mary-Anne, they began their ministry as missionaries in Africa in 1990. Today they engage with communities all over the world, inviting them to enter into that childlike enjoyment of knowing that we are loved, that this universe is full of wonder, and that our Abba is with us every step of the way. This message finds its clearest articulation in Jesus, who models such openness to the God of possibility.

Andre has authored numerous books and has a reputation for taking complex topics, which are often presented in a very academic manner, and making them clear, simple, and practical. In his latest book, Desire Found Me, he largely draws from Rene Girard’s ground-breaking anthropological insights, showing how the human story and God’s story find their crescendo in Jesus. The God who does not justify our violence, but suffers it, has opened a new way of being human.

Andre and Mary-Anne are also the founders of Mimesis Academy, an online course and community that explore the depth of Jesus’ reflection of God and how that can practically transform our desires and experience.

Peter Hiett

Peter Hiett · Sunday AM (General Session 4)

Peter is married to his high school sweetheart, the father of four, and the pastor of our host church The Sanctuary Denver. Peter has an undergraduate degree in geology from the Univ. of Colorado and a Master of Divinity degree (although he has not mastered divinity) from Fuller Seminary. Peter is the son of a Presbyterian pastor and has been ordained in the Presbyterian Church USA, as well as the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. In 2007 Peter was publicly tried and defrocked for his hope that “as in Adam all die so in Christ will all be made alive.” At the time he was pastoring one of the fastest-growing churches in America. A small portion of that church made the pilgrimage from the foothills to downtown Denver and established the Sanctuary. Peter has authored four books: a commentary on The Revelation, a commentary on the Sermon on the Mount, and most recently, two commentaries on the first two chapters of Genesis. He argues that Genesis 1 outlines the history of time ending in the eternal sabbath where and when everything is good. The second chapter describes how humanity is to be romanced into the intimate, ecstatic communion that is the Body and Bride of the Last Adam. The third chapter (and hopefully third book) describes how this happens through the tree in the middle of the garden, the cross. Peter’s sermons, videos, and writings can all be explored at